Dear Songbird-Team

Ausnahmsweise mal ein Blogpost auf Englisch.
This letter is for the Songbird-Team (think the POTI Inc.) because they wrote in this Blogpost, they will throw away Linux support.

Songbird won’t bust iTunes – sadly

Why do I use Songbird? I wanted an alternative to iTunes. I wanted to uninstall it. Because ituns is big, has an ugly UI and my computer crashes often when I start iTunes. With iTunes I sync my iPod and download Podcasts. Videos aren’t intresting form. To look Videos I take the VLC Player. On Linux and on Windows. Ok. I was searching for an alternative to iTunes. And I found one. Songbord. Songbird was able to import my existing library from iTunes, he played tracks I bought there and my iPod synced with Songbird. I was hoping, that you will add podcast support soon
, but then you published a post, that you won’t develop the podcast support at this time. OK. first point I had to use itunes. then, later, you stopped developing iPod sync. so I had to use iTunes to sync my iPod. The only one reason I used Songbird anymore was the cool name, the cool icon, the cool UI and Songbird is able to download and save lyrics. then I added a linux OS to my computer, because it’s much faster than Windows. It was clear for me, to install Songbird. But a one month later you announce, you will stop developing Songbird for Linux. Because the video support is very hard to realise. What’s the matter? because Songbird won’t play videos? Hey you guys: Songbird is for listening music. I don’t want to “hear” videos while listening to music! and if I will look a video, I will take a standalone player! So pklease, restart Linux development, without video support, everybody will love you. Songbird has the coolest and cleanest UI of a music player on Linux. And now you want to stop it’s developement. The only one player which was an alternative to iTunes? Now you can’t be an alternative. I can’t sync my iPod. And for podcasts (I have subscribed to 11) I have to open iTunes too.

You opensourced the iPod AddOn and hoped that the community will adopt it. nothing happened. Now you are hoping, the communtiy will adopt Songbird for Linux. Right? Why you don’t stop developing this programm? Any time it will be to hard to develop support for playing music on a computer?

On Linux I won’t uninstall Songbird. But on Windows it can be, that I will throw him out. He every time crashes,. since an update of the german translation. Why? I don’t konow. I reported the crash. I am still waiting. On Windows Songbird is useless. All what he can do, itunes can do too. And iTunes can do thing I need, which Songbird don’t can do.

And now I found Amarok. He IS an alternative to iTunes for me. He has an ugly name, UI and icon ugly like iTunes. He donwloads podcasts, he scrobbels to and he syncs my iPod. And he does this very well. I heard he can sync albumarts too. And he imports my iTunes library. Amarok works on Linux and Windows. Perfect for me.

But I am still hoping, you will readd iPod support. You will readd Linux support. You will add Podcasts and Sonbird won’t crash on my Windows XP anymore.

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