My name is Martin and I blog since 2008, always under the nickname Humanoid. First I felt like fighting against the rest of the world, however with puberty over my blog changed into a random tech blog. Or a niche-meta-techblog (combining nouns doesn’t work that well in English).  That’s what I’d call my blog. I am not a news source but more of a blog that gets found with strange search terms. If I had to define this blog with three categories I’d choose Mozilla, Android and Games. If those are considered to be on the same level of categories.

I code actively. I love the web, so I write a lot of HTMl, CSS & JS, Further I know PHP, Java and C++. I develop extensions for Firefox and am invested in the Mozilla community.

Music is very important to me, too. My favorite genre is Trance but I also listen to a broad spectrum of other music, mostly from the 90s and 00s. I also do music on my own. I play the Euphonium; long ago I also tried to create electronic music with the computer. Sometimes I feel the urge to create new tracks, mostly when there is no computer around.