Basic Game Mechanics
  • In Minesweeper-like games, your goal is to find all the mines in a grid. If you tap on a cell in the grid, its contents will be revealed. Of course, you don't want to reveal a mine, as it will explode and kill you. Cells next to mines show a number with the count of adjacent mines.

Flagging Mines
  • In order to avoid tapping on mines, you can flag them. To flag a cell, either change the mode to flagging mode with the mode button at the right end of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen or right-click or tap and hold the cell. Flagging mines also lets you automatically reveal all cells, for which all the mines surrounding them are marked, by tapping on such a cell that is already revealed.

Saving And Resuming
  • Every uncompleted game gets saved whenever you leave the app. A "Continue" button appears in the main menu while there is a saved game. As soon as a new game is started, the saved game will be deleted.

Keyboard Shortcuts
  • You can navigate the minefield using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Pressing space will perform the current default action, F will flag the current cell, R will generate a new field and Caps Lock toggles the default action.