Showcase all your Twitch emotes

Emotes are a very important feature of Twitch chat culture. Because of this, there aren’t just emotes you get from subscribing to broadcasters, but also extensions like BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ that add more emotes to be used in Twitch chat.

Many broadcasters have an image in their panels showing the emotes that are available for their channel. Usually an outdated image, especially since subscriber emotes can be updated much more frequently.

Twitch Extensions are dynamic panels that can update themselves. So sure enough, I decided to solve this by making the Twitch extension “Emotes Showcase” that just displays the channel’s emotes, that simple.

What does it do?

Of course displaying emotes isn’t very simple. Because Twitch emotes are a very big ecosystem. Not only does the panel display subscriber reward emotes if your channel has any, but it also shows any BetterTTV or FrankerFaceZ emotes that are enabled for your channel.

The focus is on your sub emotes when they exist, the BTTV and FFZ sections are collapsed in that case. Viewers can still expand the sections to discover the additional emotes they can use with BTTV and FFZ.

The data used to display emotes is based on the subscription emote sets that provide in their API. The emote sets are updated every 24 hours. If you’ve just gotten your first emotes it may take a couple hours for the extension to display them. BTTV and FFZ are directly based on their API.

Why make it now?

I had the idea for this extension since quite some time. And amazingly no one had created it before. A Twitch Extension developer jam, created by LuckyNoS7evin, finally gave me a reason to build it. And someone else also created a similar extension for that jam.

It having such a simple feature set made it perfect for an extension jam with limited time.

Will it ever change?

There are a lot of things I want to add to the extension. Currently it is completely configuration free. Once Twitch lets me store configuration on their systems I’ll add various configurations options to define what to show and how. I’m also planning to add a force refresh button that lets you refresh all currently displayed panels so viewers get the latest sub emotes when a new one available.

I want to use this now, tell me how!

You can get the Emote Showcase extension from your Twitch dashboard. Don’t forget to add it to an extension panel after installing it! As with most of my projects, the source code is available on GitHub.