This Blog is Now Bilingual

Englisch - Deutsch Wortschatzbuch

This is the first official english post. Yes, if you look at the blog in the english view, you already see some other posts, but most of them were imported from my tumbelog.

You will also notice that not everything is translated to english. Sadly it’s pretty tricky to translate every part of WordPress to english, however I think the most important parts except for categories are localized.

I will not translate all posts – like this one – in both languages, but rather publish english only and german only articles. The german articles will stay the same. I will still publish them and they will have similar content (if you can see a pattern in them). The english articles will mostly be development related stuff.

Especially with my contribution to Nightingale I had now and then an urge to write a more technical and specific blog post not suiting the official Nightingale blog.

I didn’t want a second blog as that would just add another blog to maintain. Thus I decided to add an english part additionally to the german section.

There is a feed with english articles only, just subscribe to this URL. I will add it to the header of english pages in the near future.