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Martin Giger

Web developer, Euphonium player, travels by train

Living in Bern, Switzerland


Web developer, Euphonium player, travels by train

Living in Bern, Switzerland



  • Software Developer

    Control4 SwitzerlandBern

    - Now
  • Programmer

    Engel & Völkers Frohnau-Köpenick GmbHRemote

    Full-stack development of real estate platformPHP, TypeScript, JQuery, Bootstrap 3

  • Landschaftspflege

    Verein GrünwerkWinterthur

  • Web developer

    Inware AGZürich

    Creating and adjusting sites based on proprietary CMS with e-commercePHP, JavaScrip, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap 3

  • ETH Zürich

    Computer ScienceBachelor studies (incomplete)

  • Allrounder Technischer Dienst

    Alterszentrum BüelCham

  • ETH Zürich

    Information Technology and Electronic EngineeringBachelor studies (incomplete)

  • Intern software developer

    mcs Software AGBern

    Graphical vectorization tool of 2D blueprints for cost estimationVC++, Qt4

  • Gymnasium Bern-Neufeld


    Physics and Applied MathematicsEmphasis

    Computer ScienceSupplement

  • Sekundarschule Riggisberg

  • Primarschule Mühlethurnen





  • @Alonealastalovedalongthe I find myself having trouble finding things on google maps, just because the rendering is often so bland with little distinction for different kinds of features. Sure, you can get simpler OSM renderings too, but most of them have more differentiation, still.

  • You can see it in action with a specialized config at

  • Part of a project that I've previously worked on has just been open sourced. With all its tech debt and everything. Pretty neat system though.

  • @Venty also spezi vanille?

  • One of the two IRC networks I had a private @matrix bridge for just updated their chat server and added their own matrix homeserver and IRC bridge 😍

  • @gael you should get /e/ listed on @switchingsoftware

  • nice little collection about alternative

  • There's an interesting aside about legibility of fonts in this article about only using one space (duh!):

  • I know that the reason most people/brands will post screenshots of posts on other platforms, is because conversion rates of images are much better than "unexpanded" links to other platforms (which your average client will show). Plus, if the original content is deleted (for whatever reason by whatever entity), a screenshot will still exist (and thus make you vulnerable to a ban?). There's also the immediate benefit of citing your source when using a link instead of a screenshot.

  • Oh, and don't get me started on lost semantics of the content. An alt tag is useless at conveying complex semantics of image contents. Just use text when you want text.

  • If you're a software engineer/programmer and have never seen/interacted with a visually disabled or blind person using their digital device, I highly recommend it. It's extremely interesting and will help you understand why it's the small design decisions you make that can impact them a lot. Even if you build products for "professional" markets where accessibility is (sadly) not a selling point, use it as a decision maker when you have the freedom of choice.

  • This completely ignores seeing people with visual or reading disabilities. Obviously, one would hope that big sites have designs optimized for legibility for dyslexic users. But being able to choose your own contrast ratio and font is still much better, to optimize for your custom issues.

  • Ever since the "viral social internet" became a thing, so around the time 9gag launched, I guess, I've been bothered by sharing things as screenshots. Not just because sharing a screenshot of an image usually adds black bars and reduces resolution a lot. Mostly due to lost accessibility of the content, especially when sharing text content. Most social networks don't allow custom alt texts, so blind users are at the mercy of platforms to OCR contents and set the alt text.

  • @brwyatt
    To my understanding that "overriding" happens when Firefox tries to spawn a new process and the new process is running the new version. There is currently no way to assert compatibility between old and new content processes, so Firefox tells you that it can no longer display webpages (and you should restart). I am not familiar enough with chromium to know how it handles this case.

  • @brwyatt Do you have Firefox installed via your package manager? My understanding is that this may lead to this issue, else you shouldn't see this.

  • Humble Bundle offers md5 hashes to verify downloads and nothing else. Neat.

  • Imagine if had federation for "social" features (stars, activity etc.). Federating the git part is sadly much more complicated. And so we'll probably have more than one gitlab account for the forseeable future.

  • Reason 5923 why I hate Electron apps: they write cache files into my ~/.config making backups more tedious because you have to exclude their 1-4 cache directories. It's a solvable problem from the app dev's side, it's just something they actively have to do because Electron's default sucks.