Photo of Martin Giger

Martin Giger

Web developer, Euphonium player, travels by train

Living in Bern, Switzerland


Web developer, Euphonium player, travels by train

Living in Bern, Switzerland



  • Software Developer

    Control4 SwitzerlandBern

    - Now
  • Programmer

    Engel & Völkers Frohnau-Köpenick GmbHRemote

    Full-stack development of real estate platformPHP, TypeScript, JQuery, Bootstrap 3

  • Landschaftspflege

    Verein GrünwerkWinterthur

  • Web developer

    Inware AGZürich

    Creating and adjusting sites based on proprietary CMS with e-commercePHP, JavaScrip, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap 3

  • ETH Zürich

    Computer ScienceBachelor studies (incomplete)

  • Allrounder Technischer Dienst

    Alterszentrum BüelCham

  • ETH Zürich

    Information Technology and Electronic EngineeringBachelor studies (incomplete)

  • Intern software developer

    mcs Software AGBern

    Graphical vectorization tool of 2D blueprints for cost estimationVC++, Qt4

  • Gymnasium Bern-Neufeld


    Physics and Applied MathematicsEmphasis

    Computer ScienceSupplement

  • Sekundarschule Riggisberg

  • Primarschule Mühlethurnen





  • @mihaitabara Hm, are the new screenshots the "no screenshots and messed up copy" that is on flathub now? :S
  • Heute ist ein guter Tag. Ich konnte im MS Teams auf dem Macbook via KVMP "^^" tippen.
  • @takebayasha Seit gestern verlangt Twitch, dass alle API Anfragen authentifiziert (eingeloggt) sind.
  • Der Mai bisher: in der Nacht kühlt es plötzlich weniger ab.
  • @dttwo Well, you get to enjoy it a little longer until may 11th when twitch requires auth for good (we were just in a 24h blackout window)
  • @dttwo Yeah, I'll try to get it back to its former glory at some point :S
  • @dttwo Yup. Twitch now requires all API calls to be authenticated, which would mean you'd have to connect Twitch to the extension. This capability does not exist and will require an update, for which I do not have the time currently.
  • @marenthyu @Horonelius Right, and some other streaming services do the same. It's just a shame that Twitch did it without even being full honest why they need/want to do it. It also makes the Twitch API way less accessible.
  • @marenthyu @Horonelius It mostly means I have to update EULA and Privacy Policy to describe how I handle the data I have access to from the authenticated account. And I bet most people updating their hobby (or small biz) projects aren't thinking about that.
  • @marenthyu @Horonelius Oh, and all my clients/applications that can use auth do. The things that broke are mostly fully client side, anonymous tools.
  • @marenthyu @Horonelius I know you're trying to help devs with the transition. Trust me, I was well aware and didn't transition by choice. I had also posted my issues with the change on the dev forum and I keep being cynical about it in general.
  • @marenthyu @Horonelius I am very aware of that. And yeah, I'm client side and currently don't require a login at all. And would much rather I didn't have to. Not only is it a headache to implement compared to no authentication, it's also a legal headache in comparison.
  • @marenthyu @Horonelius Except that that has an even lower rate limit bucket than yt's API, which I'm already hitting the limit of every 12 hours and you really shouldn't ship the Twitch client secret in a client side only application.
  • @Horonelius Yep, very expected. Sadly Twitch now requires authentication with a Twitch account to interact with their API.
  • @digitarald @FirefoxDevTools Good to hear. I hope that also includes EventSource/long running chunked responses to be easier to debug.
  • @FirefoxDevTools reading today's hacks post I was once again reminded of the most annoying thing about the network inspector: you can't inspect in-flight requests. Sent headers and body are not shown until a response has been received, which may never happen.
  • @takebayasha Hat bei mir bisher einwandfreo funktioniert. Ich erwarte allerdings dass der Twitch teil bald nicht mehr geht. Nicht sicher was ich damit tun werde. Bin schon länger an grösseren Änderungen dran, was für Bugfixes auch nicht hilft.
  • @igwigg Direct-to-DVD/VHS Filme gab es ja schon immer, von daher ist das ja eigentlich nichts neues?
  • Früher hielt man die Tür auf. Heute legt man einen Stein in die Tür.
  • @mihaitabara Just found out about the official Firefox flatpak ( - can't wait for the Nightly one. However in the meantime the screenshots seem rather dated?