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Martin Giger

Web developer, Euphonium player, travels by train

Living in Bern, CH



Web developer, Euphonium player, travels by train

Living in Bern, CH




  • Software Engineer


    Mail ClientDevelopment on various modules of the Thunderbird productivity suite

    - Now
  • Informatik-Entwicklung und Datenbankpflege historischer Dokumente

    Diplomatische Dokumente der SchweizFull stack web application development

  • Informatik-Entwicklung und Datenbankpflege historischer Dokumente

    Diplomatische Dokumente der SchweizFull stack web application development

  • Software Development Engineer

    Control4 Switzerland AGBern

    Smart Home automationArchitecture and development of middleware for Neeo remote control, DevOps

  • Programmer

    Engel & Völkers Frohnau-Köpenick GmbHRemote

    Real estate agencyFull-stack development of real estate platform

  • Landschaftspflege

    Verein GrünwerkVarious outdoor activities in groups for nature or landscape preservation

  • Web developer

    Inware AGZürich

    Web agencyCreating and adjusting sites based on proprietary CMS with e-commerce

  • ETH Zürich

    Computer ScienceBachelor (incomplete)

  • ETH Zürich

    Information Technology and Electronic EngineeringBachelor (incomplete)

  • Allrounder Technischer Dienst

    Alterszentrum BüelSupportive activities to the custodian

  • Intern software developer

    mcs Software AGBern

    CAM software development servicesGraphical vectorization tool of 2D blueprints for cost estimation

  • Gymnasium Bern-Neufeld

    Physics and Applied MathematicsMatura

  • Sekundarschule Riggisberg

  • Primarschule Mühlethurnen





  • Sunsetting Stream Notifier

    I have decided to halt any plans to maintain the extension and focus on other spare time open source projects instead. I should have probably made this decision about seven months ago, when Twitch integration broke, however this extension means a lot to me. It was my first browser extension that still exists and went …

  • Sustainable smart home with the TXT

    fischertechnik launched the smart home kit last year. A very good move on a conceptual level. Smart home and IoT (internet of things) are rapidly growing technology sectors. The unique placement of the TXT allows it to be a perfect introductory platform to this world. However, the smart home platform from fischertechnik relies on a …

  • Getting Help in Text Chat

    Developers like to help other developers. Many times via text chats like IRC, Slack, Gitter or Discord. This article is mainly aimed at developers asking for help. However it can also be applied to other situations, even if the concepts don’t fully apply. Now for the short overview for the very impatient, though especially those …

  • Showcase all your Twitch emotes

    Emotes are a very important feature of Twitch chat culture. Because of this, there aren’t just emotes you get from subscribing to broadcasters, but also extensions like BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ that add more emotes to be used in Twitch chat. Many broadcasters have an image in their panels showing the emotes that are available for …

  • Definitive Bot Land Beta tier list

    Bot Land is a browser-based game that is still in development. You can learn more at I streamed creating this tier list. You can watch the VOD of it on YouTube: Attack/Offense Vanilla Lasers Pros Blind fire Cons Countered by reflect Not a good secondary weapon Attacking Any defense that doesn’t reflect they’re …

  • Browser Extensions should Work Together

    Most browser extensions do a thing. And they do that thing in their isolated little world. Many of them do their thing pretty well. Many of them are built to do many things. Many of them are built to do just one little thing. But only few of them talk to other extensions to do …

  • Democratizing our Twitter Account

    In early 2016 the Swiss Mozilla Community met up to discuss goals and community structure. During a discussion on the state of our Twitter account @MozillaCH I pitched the idea of having a tool to manage content like replies with contributors instead of just people with direct access to the account.

  • Code coverage reports for WebExtensions

    It’s been quite a while since I last posted on here, and interestingly about the same topic: code coverage analysis in Firefox extensions. And since then Firefox has gotten a completely new extension system. I’ve been really busy porting my extensions and not writing blog posts. The add-on SDK conveniently came with a test runner …

  • Checking Code Coverage of Add-on SDK Extensions

    Code coverage statistics are very useful. They tell you how much of your code never gets executed during the unit tests. So you always know what to write unit tests for, because 100% coverage doesn’t exist. And sometimes you can’t cover all code. That’s why normally you are happy, if the coverage is above a …

  • Testing Add-on SDK Extensions on Travis CI

    Recently Mozilla restricted access to, instead you can download nightlies from Sadly this broke existing methods to download Firefox nightly for automated unit tests on Travis CI. I’ve written a node module, that takes care of downloading nightly versions of Firefox desktop and Android.

  • Somehow the android TV Twitch app manages to get worse every update.

  • Went on a little train trip with the latest train engineering feat:

    Got on the train in a standard gauge station at normal Swiss standard gauge platform height.

    The train did a little shwoop at one point (and switched locomotives).

    Got out at a narrow gauge station at narrow gauge platform height.


    This train (the "Golden Pass Express") is what happens when you have a dream about 100 years ago and you keep on trying to achieve it, no matter how.

  • I bet someone built keyboard layout prediction based on typos for fingerprinting by now, right?

  • @penguin42 ...or there hasn't been any space for any other homeserver to grow because the Element-Matrix Foundation-driven Synapse has been dictating the server implementation so far.

    I think this change has a chance to improve the server ecosystem health compared to the status quo.

  • I actually think Element and the Matrix foundation drawing clear lines in the sand is a good thing. The two entities have been very interwoven for a long time.

    And if that drives some new people to put energy into other homeservers that's also a net win in my books.

    But who am I kidding, the only thing people are spending energy on is shouting on the internet as always.

  • Screen space effects work so much better if your screen space is massive.

  • @nicolas while the story connects it's not necessary. But you should finish the first one!

  • Just checking in to say that Talos Principle 2 is amazing and looks amazing and I can't believe how easy it is to lose time in it. Luckily you can enable a real time clock overlay, so you can always check what time it is <_<

  • I wish modern games still let me choose proper AA options. So neither FXAA or TAA...

  • I've barely started it, but Talos Principle 2 is pulling me in I have to admit...

  • @geofflankow the big upside of somewhat flexible work hours is that staying in bed is an option usually.

  • @penguin42 no, you can find pictures of everything in the assembly instructions in the wiki of the repo.

  • I assembled some headphones today. Including assembling planar drivers from a flex PCB and foam.

    And they're open hardware - of course.

  • @glow good news:

  • I need three tripples and a rampage for my bingo please Yatoro, thanks!

  • Ah yep, the coaches interview (which is on-stage) didn't make it to Dota TV, showing the draft panel must've plugged into the system in a place where it got sent to Dota TV...

  • For the very last series (up to 5 games) of the tournament Valve has figured out broadcast audio for the draft in Dota TV technology. Actually, it's also the only series with a dedicated draft panel. So I bet it's related to that...
    Anyway, appreciating it a lot, especially since dedicated draft panels have always been the best at TI.

  • What an absolutely crazy game to start finals day with.