Photo of Martin Giger

Martin Giger

Web developer, Euphonium player, travels by train

Living in Bern, Switzerland


Web developer, Euphonium player, travels by train

Living in Bern, Switzerland



  • Software Developer

    Control4 SwitzerlandBern

    - Now
  • Programmer

    Engel & Völkers Frohnau-Köpenick GmbHRemote

    Full-stack development of real estate platformPHP, TypeScript, JQuery, Bootstrap 3

  • Landschaftspflege

    Verein GrünwerkWinterthur

  • Web developer

    Inware AGZürich

    Creating and adjusting sites based on proprietary CMS with e-commercePHP, JavaScrip, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap 3

  • ETH Zürich

    Computer ScienceBachelor studies (incomplete)

  • Allrounder Technischer Dienst

    Alterszentrum BüelCham

  • ETH Zürich

    Information Technology and Electronic EngineeringBachelor studies (incomplete)

  • Intern software developer

    mcs Software AGBern

    Graphical vectorization tool of 2D blueprints for cost estimationVC++, Qt4

  • Gymnasium Bern-Neufeld


    Physics and Applied MathematicsEmphasis

    Computer ScienceSupplement

  • Sekundarschule Riggisberg

  • Primarschule Mühlethurnen





  • @fabricedesre @gael @matrix I haven't really looked into it, and wouldn't sharing infrastructure between webpush and phone apps be a good idea?

  • @gael @matrix recently featured in their TWIM series

  • Not only should we federate more things (my gotos here are wikis, code hosting with issue tracking etc. but there's also things like collaborative todo lists) but also try to get interop between different federation standards. I don't think it's reasonable to expect federation between every matrix usage to activitypub. But some sure could. And the other way around should work for sure

  • @nostalgix i guess that's exactly why I'm looking for individual components that do their job well instead of a finished package.

  • Looking to build my own NAS to replace my old Synology NAS. Right now the best solution seems like Rockstor + However this will still leave me with a lot of work to integrate some of the things I want to run on there. On the other hand, doing the integrations Sandstorm already provides me by hand would mean even more work.

    My main concerns are 1) easy reliable NAS setup 2) good containerized app management

  • @cassidyjames
    This reminds me that Firefox is building their own pip and it sucks :(

  • @Tusky
    Is this a known issue or just a suspicion?

  • @Tusky I think Android 8.1, just latest official Lineage for Nexus 5X. Browser is Firefox Preview.

  • I'd like to try out @Tusky but sadly clicking authorize in the oauth prompt does nothing :(

  • @elementary
    I'll still prefer liberapay, if that's ok.

  • When should we schedule maintenance for the login server of our train ticket system? Rush hours sounds great!

  • @Venty
    Doch, die "Audio-Video Mute" Massnahme. Die ist ja auch technisch? Oder der "Stop Knopf" ;)

    Aber ja, vorallem wenn es dann noch eine auf Deutsch synchronisierte Version ist, das wird dann wie noch schlimmer.

  • @Venty dann fehlt wohl noch HDR damit er gut wird.

  • @Alonealastalovedalongthe I find myself having trouble finding things on google maps, just because the rendering is often so bland with little distinction for different kinds of features. Sure, you can get simpler OSM renderings too, but most of them have more differentiation, still.